With a big smile and an even bigger heart!!

Dit is de actie van Jan Willem Markvoort

( Lid van team: Kite Team Van Oord )

Het windraam opent..

van totaal € 1.000 (176%)

Active challenges in life is what drives me! And by doing this active challenge for charity, I want to support other people in keeping active. For this, the research done by the Hartstichting is crucial. After successfully completing this kitesurf marathon last year I am even more exited this year to support the Hartstichting. 

Please support me by donating. All funds will go directly to the Hartstichting.

How big is your heart? May your pockets reach as deep as the sea 😉

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06-10-2018 | 11:31 Succes en groeten uit Italie!
19-09-2018 | 13:49
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