Help us?

We want to donate the full amount of donations, that the participants have received, to the Dutch Heart Foundation. In order to succeed in this, we keep a close eye on the cost and work together with both companies and individuals.

Interested in sponsoring with your company?

For the various sponsor opportunities you can contact Martijn van Dijk: Of course the event will be recorded on both photo and video and distributed via various (social) media channels. It is also possible as a sponsor to send your own film team or reporter, in consultation.


The following companies contribute to Hoek tot Helder 2018.

 Do you want to help with our event? Please contact Martijn van Dijk:

Become a member of the crew!

Our event stands or falls with people who volunteer. Do you want to contribute in a fun and enthusiastic way to the organization of our event and support the Dutch Heart Foundation? Then join the Hoek tot Helder crew!

Sign up now by sending an e-mail to We have enough great tasks during Hoek tot Helder. Do you have special skills like First Aid or can you do something else fantastic? Do not forget to mention this. Volunteering gives a good feeling, is super fun and it also good for your résumé!