Hoek tot Helder

 Kitesurfmarathon Hoek tot Helder is back!

We're back! Kitemarathon Hoek tot Helder prolongs after the great success in 2016! Also in 2017 you can kite surf for the Dutch Heartfoundation all day long along the North Sea beaches. Together we raise money for research on cardiovascular disease. Hoek tot Helder will take place as soon as the wind blows in one of the weekends between: August 19 and October 22. Should there be no wind in one of the weekends, the windshield shifts to May and June 2018.

Start registration

On the 1st of May at 12.00 the registration began. The number of starter certificates has been scaled up to 100 pieces this year and they were sold out in a record time of 6 hours. Don't you have one for this year? Not annoyed, by 2018 we will return and increase the number of starter certificates. Would you like to receive an email if the registration for 2018 starts? Submit it to hoektothelder@gmail.com.

Beautiful result in 2016 - First edition Hoek tot Helder

In September 2016, 60 well-trained kitesurfers challenged the elements. They proudly did 130 km of fierce and cobbling North Sea for research on cardiovascular disease. They run along Dutch most iconic beaches: Kijkduin, Scheveningen, Noordwijk, Zandvoort, Bergen aan Zee, Egmond and finish in Den Helder. The Kiteboarders and 1600 donors have collected over 47,000 euros for the first edition from Hoek tot Helder! A great result! Of course, we want to break this record with the edition of 2017! An overview and photos of the trip in 2016 can be found on our Facebook page.

The distance and heroic character of this trip, the presence of rayon heads and stamp posts made this event the sister of the legendary Elfstedentocht. In short, the Elfstrandentocht was born!


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